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What Causes Hip Pain?

By  aenriquez  published  October 17, 2019

Hip pain is most often associated with growing old. Painful joints just come with the territory. But hip pain can come at any age, and it is important to know when it you can try to take care of it yourself and when to see a doctor for more advanced treatment.

Many people, for example, suffer from bursitis that flares up from time to time, then settles down (or goes into remission) for long periods. When bursitis acts up, it can be difficult to walk even across a standard-sized room. The pain throws your usual gait way out of whack. But one of the ways to treat bursitis is to get that hip joint moving again, which allows the fluids to restore painless movements. By the time you can get to a doctor, the episode is over. Bursitis then stays dormant for a few days, weeks, or months.

Like any bones, a hipbone can fracture or break due to a twist, a fall or a collision

However, the pain of bursitis can undoubtedly be enough to send you the doctor’s office, where more sophisticated treatments are available. At FXRX in Tempe, Arizona, specialists can diagnose and treat bursitis with the most modern equipment and techniques available. It is always worth a visit to the doctors to discuss the best strategy for dealing with painful conditions.

Here are a few other disorders that strike the hip and should undoubtedly prompt you to seek professional help. These are conditions in which a cold compress and ibuprofen are not enough. For these ailments, seek professional advice.

  • Juvenile onset arthritis

This used to be called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is painful for a short duration in many cases (a few weeks or months), but other cases are painful for a lifetime. It can lead to abnormal growth and joint problems.

  • Osteoarthritis

This condition can result in debilitating deterioration of the joint.

  • Psoriatic arthritis

While this condition starts with psoriasis of the skin, a common rash, when it appears near joints, the damage to the joints can be debilitating. Treatment should be sought before this condition gets out of hand.

  • Dislocation

A dislocated hip is painful and should be restored as soon as possible. A dislocation of the hip most often occurs as the result of a traumatic injury.

  • Hip fracture

Like any bones, a hipbone can fracture or break due to a twist, a fall or a collision. Medical attention is required to support healing when this occurs.

  • Hip labral tear

The labrum is a cartilage that protects the outside rim of your hip, cushioning the joint during regular use and providing a seal for hold the thighbone in place. However, it can deteriorate from overuse, which occurs among some athletes, ballet dancers, and the elderly.

  • Pinched Nerves

Several pinched or damaged nerves can result in hip pain. These include sciatica, the most extended nerve cell in the body, which runs from your lower back down to your legs. Nerves can also be pinched in the sacroiliitis joints, which are located where your lower spine connects to your pelvic. Another common nerve problem is called a meralgia parensthetica, which concerns the nerve provides sensation for the skin at your thighs.

  • Cancers

Leukemia and bone cancer can both bring about pain in the hips, but many kinds of cancer can become metastatic and lead to bone cancer.

  • Infections

Infections can also result in hip pain.

When To Seek Help

Seek help anytime pain in the hip becomes acute when you lose the ability to walk or raise a leg, when you cannot bear the pain and when the hip looks misshapen or deformed.

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