Top Notch Job

By  admin2  published  February 15, 2017
Top Notch Job
February 15, 2017

If you are planning to have orthopedic surgery Please do yourself a favor and call
Dr. Dewanjee’s office.  I interviewed four doctors and found what we believe is the best surgeon for our son’s surgery.  When calling in ask for Lindey (sp) she is the best in the front office. She will walk you through the whole scheduling to getting you that consult with Dr. Sumit Dewanjee.

His beside manners are professional but easy, he made you feel that his full attention and expertise was given before, during and after the surgery.
Please do yourself a favor and just call to get that consult and see how calming  Dr. Dewanjee is on a very stressful operation.
Thank you so much for doing what we believe is a top notch job!

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