Top 6 Signs you may need a Knee Replacement Surgery

By  admin6  published  December 28, 2017

The number of total knee replacements continues to rise. Despite the long recovery process, an increasing number of people believe that a knee replacement surgery can help them live a better life.

But how do you know you need a knee replacement surgery? Read on for answers.

Patients, and doctors, prefer conservative and minimally invasive treatment options for any health problems and knees are no exception. Many times, the best treatment option is to undergo total or partial knee replacement.

Telltale Signs you need Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Severe knee pain that interferes with or even prevents everyday activities
  • The pain persists even during rest; you feel moderate to severe pain at all times
  • Knee swelling and inflammation that have become stubborn
  • Knee stiffness
  • Bowing of the leg
  • Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs fail to provide pain relief.

These signs are serious. Do not allow them to become worse. If you experience one or more of these warning signs, consult an orthopedic surgeon immediately.

Left untreated, these symptoms may give way to even more serious problems, such as –

  • Weakened knee muscles and ligaments
  • Knee deformities
  • Loss of motion and function in the knee
  • Knee joint degeneration
  • Delayed knee surgery may not prove as effective as it can when performed early
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