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Orthopedic Bracing


FXRX – Orthopedic Bracing Provider for Arthritis, Injury, and Orthopedic Surgery

FXRX, the premier orthopedic surgeons in Phoenix, AZ, is a Licensed DME Provider for Orthopedic Bracing, Foot Orthotics, Hot & Cold Therapy, and Bone Growth Stimulators.

Orthopedic Bracing 1

Orthopedic Bracing can provide pain relief for:

Arthritis conditions (e.g. knee)
Ligament injury (e.g. ACL or Ankle sprain)
Pre and post-operative pain relief
Fracture stabilization
Carpal tunnel syndrome or Cubital Tunnel syndrome
Flat foot and foot pain


Orthopedic Bracing 2

Most medical practices are only able to provide off-the-shelf braces, which may irritate your skin or provide sub-optimal pain relief since they are not customized to fit your body.

FXRX maintains a full complement of orthopedic braces, both off-the-shelf along with custom bracing. Whether you have a fracture, sprain, strain, significant soft tissue injury, or arthritis, FXRX will be able to assist your recovery with individualized service. You will be in good hands at our orthopedic practice!

Orthopedic Bracing options include both off-the-shelf and custom fittings for:

Upper Extremity Braces:
Elbow Bracing (e.g. elbow range-of-motion bracing)
Wrist Bracing for fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis
Shoulder Stabilizers
Phoenix AZ Foot and Ankle Bracing

Orthopedic Bracing 3

Knee Bracing:
Arthritis Knee bracing (unloader brace)
ACL Bracing
Patellofemoral bracing

Foot and Ankle Bracing:
CAM Boots
Air Splints
Foot Orthotics
Functional Ankle bracing

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