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Platelet Rich Plasma


Regenerative Medicine Comes to FXRX

FXRX is now offering regenerative medicine with platelet rich plasma treatment. Also known as PRP therapy, platelet rich plasma represents a very exciting, low-risk procedure that has the potential to repair and regenerate damaged tissue as opposed to simply masking pain. PRP is showing great promise for the treatment of ligament injuries, tendinitis in the shoulder, elbow and achilles, along with recent studies showing It may provide pain relief for moderate knee osteoarthritis.
Regenerative Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona

PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy 1

The treatment itself is performed by FXRX in either the office setting or an ambulatory surgery center. PRP therapy involves a simple blood draw from the patient of between 30 and 60 ml, similar to what happens at a lab. The blood is placed into test tubes and rapidly spun down in a centrifuge machine for 5 to 10 minutes.

PRP Therapy 2

The spinning separates the blood into three layers, with the top layer containing concentrated platelets and growth factors which is the PRP layer used. The orthopedic doctor then injects the platelet rich plasma into the painful area, after proper sterilization and numbing of the skin. Typically, 3 to 6 mL of PRP is injected at one time.


PRP Treatment Results

So far, the results in multiple studies looking at platelet rich plasma have been very promising. A recent study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine evaluated over 20 patients with moderate knee arthritis. Most were able to achieve substantial pain reduction and increases in functional activity, along with MRIs showing no cartilage degradation in over three fourths of the patients. The fact that PRP has the potential to alter the course of arthritis with an extremely low risk treatment is very impressive.

An additional study out of South Florida evaluated PRP injections for elbow epicondylitis, including golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow (epicondylitis). In that study, the patients had failed over six months of conservative treatment and were all facing surgery as the next only option. One injection of platelet rich plasma was able to help all but two of the patients avoid surgery and achieve excellent pain relief. Even the few patients who dropped out of the study stated they had no more pain, which was the only reason they stopped participating.

PRP Treatment Results

Multiple professional sports leagues have approved of PRP therapy, including MLB, NBA and the NFL. The World Anti-Doping Agency has approved of it as well. There have also been good outcomes in small studies for rotator cuff tendinitis, ligament injuries along with achilles tendinitis. Dr. Dewanjee offers platelet rich plasma therapy for numerous musculoskeletal conditions including extremity arthritis, tendinitis in the rotator cuff along with the elbow and ankle, and for ligament injuries.


Risks of PRP

PRP therapy is very low risk considering it uses your own blood, with there being a slight risk of infection. Quite commonly, patients will experience a slight increase in pain for a few days due to the inflammation sparked up by the injection as it begins the repair and regeneration process. Platelet rich plasma is very good at “calling in” your body’s own stem cells to assist with regenerating the damaged tissue.

If you are suffering from joint pain or conditions such as achilles, elbow or shoulder tendinitis, platelet rich plasma may be able to relieve your pain substantially. This treatment represents an extremely exciting option that is revolutionary in orthopedics, as it can repair and regenerate tissue as opposed to simply masking pain.

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